Thursday, February 4, 2016

Leap Tall Buildings with a Single Bound  (Week 3 -- Sometimes even Superman gets tired.)

During this third week of stress-busting audios from  Switch Off Stress you will learn how to remove the internal obstacles that keep you from leaping ahead. 

Here you will find selected short audios and scripts that will help you reduce ACTION-related stress. (below are symptoms to help you recognize it).  

Symptoms of Stress Type #3: You may be experiencing stress in the element of ACTION if you procrastinate too much; have a hard time figuring out priorities or making choices; feel undisciplined, dissipated, unfocused, unmotivated; feel overwhelmed &/or burned out; lack direction; are hesitant about moving into action and reluctant to take initiative; feel micro-managed and demoralized; avoid conflict; don’t feel energetic, ambitious, excited, proud of accomplishments.

You can reduce Type 3 Stress now by listening to the Mission audio on the TCI home page -- or explore the below very short audios. And If you've yet not taken 2-3 minutes to complete the SOS Quiz and receive your free stress report, you can click on that link on the TCI home page. 
Click on the audio links below &/or follow the short written instructions to get immediate relief from these five really fast stress techniques.

Power Poses

Standing in a power pose for 2 full minutes releases body-to-mind hormonal signals that reduce stress AND increase confidence. 

Try the “Super Woman/Super Man” pose (hands on hips with feet apart, head held high) or the crossing-the-finish-line “victory” pose (hands thrown up in the air). 

Try it out. Just fake it until you actually become it.  

Ready-Set-GO!!  If you want to move fast in a new direction today, here's how to "Activate Your Energy". 

Either CONSTRUCT a +20-second barrier in front of a bad habit you want to stop; or, REMOVE time barriers before a new habit you want to establish. 

The time from thought to action must -20 seconds; this gives you the “vital initial spark” to overcome inertia and create good habits.  

Take these steps to strong action: 
1. Stop. Breathe in and out deeply to contact intuition (3x). 
2. Breathe in memory of all information you’ve gathered to date. 
3. Breathe out fear of making a wrong decision. 
4. Breathe out your decision. Write it down. (Pause.) 
5. Now ACT on it! Take one small immediate step— NOW.   

When you feel yourself getting stressed or tired, just STAND UP! Sitting is now considered the “new smoking”, a health hazard! 

So right now unplug, get up from your desk. You can stand, stretch, walk around or do short bursts of exercise. 

You can also have walking meetings and/or write while standing with dictation tools.  


Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Bring an image of yourself to mind as being relaxed, at ease, and accomplishing your intention. Then, with a closed mouth, touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Count up slowly from one to three. 

This “anchor” triggers your mind so it comes to attention and sets your intention so you can move into strong action. 

You can also reduce Type 3 Stress now by listening to the Vision audio on the TCI home page.  And If you've yet not taken 2-3 minutes to complete the SOS Quiz and receive your free stress report, you can click on that link on the TCI home page.

And lastly, if you would like to have 101 really fast stress management techniques at your fingertips, check out Switch off Stress which is available in hardcopy or as an eBook or an iBook.

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