Sunday, January 17, 2016

Soothe Your Mind (Week 2 of Stress-busting Audio gifts)

This is the second of six weeks in which we will provide short stress-busting audios based on Switch Off Stress. We hope these help you reduce your stressful burdens so you can create a 2016 filled with hope, happiness, health, love, and prosperity.

During this second week, we present selected short audios and scripts that will help you reduce MENTAL stress (below are symptoms to help you recognize it).  In the following weeks, we will provide you with techniques to reduce each of the other kinds of stress.
Symptoms of Stress Type #2: You may be experiencing stress in the element of VISION if you are bothered by mental looping, negative thinking, a hyperactive or critical mind; are doubtful and afraid too often; get stuck because over-analyze, over plan, over think; feel uncreative, uninspired, can’t generate good options; have a bad attitude, lack humor; don’t enjoy things or have as much fun these days; feel bored, unchallenged, uninteresting in new information/learning, not as smart as used to be.
Click on the audio links below &/or follow the short written instructions to get immediate relief from these five really fast stress techniques.

Mental reframing is a conscious choice to stop staring at an old problem, and instead take new approach that could help you find a lasting solution. An example is reframing stress as your Ally, a wise teacher, an honest friend.

So ask yourself: What is this stress trying to teach me? What new, positive action can I take at this moment if I reframe this stress as a teacher?

Another way to turn stress from a Foe into a Friend is to reframe difficult situations with humor, as suggested by this comic. 

It takes only a few seconds to reverse stress by firmly commanding your mind to “STOP IT!” -- and then breathing deeply in and out a few times.  

You can also imagine a light switch that represents your stress. Just take a deep breath, and in your mind’s eye, walk over to the switch and turn it off. Voila! You’ve just Switched Off Stress!  (
Go to this classic video "Stop It!" if you need a good laugh).

Stop now to observe your thoughts and emotions. The stronger your emotion, the higher the frequency of your brain wave, the more stress you feel, and the less clear your thinking.

Reverse this unhealthy chain reaction! Deliberately slow down your brain waves by doing deep breathing, a time-out, “stop it!” or EFT tapping.

Vision often suffers severely due to excessive stress, and eyestrain in turn contributes to more distress.

To give your hard-working eyes a well-deserved rest: Rub your palms rapidly together until they are warm. Close your eyes. Cup your palms over them. Slow your breath. Feel your eyes (and rest of your body) relax.

Put on a “dual lens” by simultaneously acting as both Participant and Observer in a stressful situation. Become internally still while in the middle of action; then mentally step back to observe yourself while you act.

This reduces your feelings of conflict or immediate threat, plus empowers you to act proactively rather than in a defensive knee-jerk fashion.

You can also reduce Type 2 Stress now by listening to the Vision audio on the TCI home page.  And If you've yet not taken 2-3 minutes to complete the SOS Quiz and receive your free stress report, you can click on that link on the TCI home page.

And lastly, if you would like to have 101 really fast stress management techniques at your fingertips, check out Switch off Stress which is available in hardcopy or as an eBook or an iBook.

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