Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year, 2016!

As a gift from The Coreporation, we are delighted to share six weeks of short stress-busting audios based on Switch Off Stress. We hope these help you leave all your old stressful burdens behind and create a New Year that is filled with hope, happiness, health, love, and prosperity.

During this first week, we present selected short audios and scripts that will help you reduce the first of six different types of Stress--that is, "Core" stress (below are symptoms to help you recognize it).  In the following weeks, we will provide you with techniques to reduce each of the other kinds of stress.

Symptoms of Stress Type #1: You may have CORE STRESS if you feel agitated, anxious, off-balance, uncomfortable in own skin; have low self-esteem, confidence, resilience; feel generally unhappy; take things too personally; feel unclear about life purpose, values, what’s important; don’t breathe deeply or sleep well; are too busy to relax or take breaks; run from one thing to the next; feel “empty” inside, not best self; have addictions can’t seem to stop (smoking, drinking, eating, etc.).

Click on the audio links below &/or follow the short instructions to get immediate relief from these five really fast stress techniques.

Breathe a Smile In— Breathe Toxins Out

As you breathe in through your nose, smile slightly. Imagine each inhalation softening any place in your body where you have tension. Then, exhale slowly through your mouth, releasing that specific discomfort or relaxing your whole body to reduce tiredness and negative thoughts. Repeat this process as often as you wish.

Call a Time-out

Let your inner parent reward you by temporarily walking away (either physically or mentally) from this situation.  A good time out is refreshing and gets you unstuck: try unplugging from your electronic devices for a few moments, closing your eyes and breathing for a bit, getting up from your desk, or walking around the block.

Make a Space around the Pain/discomfort

When you’re feeling mental, emotional or physical pain, you can “make a space” around that pain to lessen your resistance and its negative impact. Imagine breathing directly into and out of that spot so you ease tension with each breath. Or, imagine shining a light on that spot so it becomes more light and comfortable.

Stealth Breath & Walking breath Count

I call this breath count the “stealth breath” because nobody has to know you’re doing it.  Begin by just noticing your breath, then sit quietly while breathing deeply in (to a count of 3) and slowly out (to a count of 5). You can change this into a walking breath by counting your breath in time with your steps.

Sounds and Silence.

Take your time with this 4-step process: 1) Begin with Core breathing. 2) Scan sounds around you; choose one and shift it to the “foreground”’; let everything else subside. 3) Return attention to your breath. Shift focus to a different sound. Do this several times. 4) See if you can “hear” the always-present silence in the background.

You can also reduce Type 1 Stress now by listening to Core audio on the TCI home page.  And If you've yet not taken 2-3 minutes to complete the SOS Quiz and received your free stress report, you can click on that link on the TCI home page.

And lastly, if you would like to have 101 really fast stress management techniques at your fingertips, check out Switch off Stress which is available in hardcopy or as an eBook or an iBook.

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